Facebook advertising - get more customers now

Facebook advertising - get more customers now

Facebook continues to grow and grow – the latest statistics from Hitwise show it’s now the most popular website on the planet – bigger even than Google. And that makes it a perfect place for you to advertise.

Facebook advertising can be very tightly focussed – ensuring your adverts are seen by the exact people you want, when you want. And the really good news is it’s very inexpensive to get your message in front of potential customers.

Here’s how we can help…

  • Help you identify your potential customers
  • Help you decide on an appropriate budget – many of our clients are spending under €20 per week with fantastic results
  • Help you create your first Facebook advert
  • Set up a Facebook advertising campaign for you targeting potential new customers precisely
  • Show you how to monitor and refine your Facebook advertising campaign

We’ve also in-depth experience setting up Google Adwords advertising – you could be making a splash for your business in hours.

In just half a day we can help and coach you to run your first Facebook advertising campaign – and it’ll only cost you €99.

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