Five steps to successful web business

E-commerce success is all about being totally customer-centric

Here are our five top tips when planning a successful e-business strategy:

Make it easy

Make it easy for customers to do business with you.  Think through what your customers want and how they want it.  And then make it easy for them.

Focus on the real customer

Focus on the end customer for your products and services.  Distributors and retailers all have a part to play, but unless real customers buy your products and services, it’s game over for everybody in the channel to market.

Makes business processes customer-centric

Redesign your customer-facing business processes to work from the end customer’s point of view. Your internal methods and organisation isn’t your customer’s fault.  Do it the way that’s right for them.

Take out cost with technology

Use technology to take as many steps out of each transaction as possible.  Don’t ever ask customers to enter information more than once.  Look for how you can offer self-service.

Foster customer loyalty

The key to success is any business – but especially on the web – is to have fanatically loyal customers.  Your challenge is to serve your customers in a way that creates that fanaticism.

Need help?

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