Keep the words simple

Keep the words simple

So much of what you read on the internet is written poorly, and that reflects badly on you and your company.

A clear message, written well, adds to your credibility and is an important step on the way to getting customers to buy on the web.

The old KISS adage - keep it simple stupid - is highly appropriate.

Some recent research has highlighted:

  • Long words used needlessly along with complicated font styles - two tactics employed routinely by writers trying to pad their work – are perceived as coming from less intelligent writers
  • Short words and classic fonts make you look smart
  • Anything that makes a text hard to read and understand, such as unnecessarily long words or complicated fonts, will lower readers’ opinions of the text and its author
  • Long words aren’t inherently bad.  It’s when they’re used needlessly there’s a problem

The summary?  Write as simply and plainly as possible and it's more likely you'll be thought of as intelligent.  And that’s got to be good for business.

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