Web site optimisation

Optimisation isn't just for search. It's every step of the way to the goal.

Did you know? Web site optimisation isn’t just about getting to number one in Google. Web site optimisation is about three things:

  • Getting visitors
  • Getting them to read
  • Getting them to buy

Web site optimisation is a broad subject and one that’s constantly changing. It’s about doing everything possible to make it easy for your visitors to make a buying decision – whatever that may be for you.

Many people talk about ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ as the holy grail of optimising a web site. Sure it’s a part of the story – but the whole story is much wider.

Optimisation is doing everything to help your visitors buy

  • It’s about performance – making sure your web site responds quickly so that visitors don’t get bored waiting for something to happen and go away.
  • It’s about navigation – making it easy for your visitors to find what they want – all the time leading them towards a buying decision.
  • It’s about keywords – being found easily for the words and phrases that are important to your business.
  • It’s about design – choosing the right layout, colours, graphics and pictures to lead your visitors to making a buying decision.
  • It’s about copywriting – choosing the right words to express the benefits or your products clearly and simply in seconds.
  • It’s about staying current. The world of web site optimisation keeps changing as the search engines and your competitors keep evolving. It's very true that whatever worked yesterday may not work so well today.

Big Bang Business are experts at making the web sell profitably for you

With years of experience at working with companies large and small, we bring a pragmatic approach to helping you sell more and make more profits with your web site.

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