Your business reputation is everything

Your business reputation is everything

A business’ reputation is critical to its success.

This is especially important for growing businesses that only have a few customers, and it’s critical in Cyprus where everybody knows everybody.

Just one bad customer relationship can have a devastating impact.

Establishing a business is hard enough, but in this digital age building a reputable company is even more challenging by the ease and speed at which people can communicate comments on a business.

Even companies that don’t have a web site can find themselves being talked about on review sites and on the major social networking sites like Facebook.

Bad news spreads fast

And it can happen at the speed of light. Just one adverse comment on Twitter or Facebook can spread to hundreds of people within hours and you've got a major problem on your hands.

It’s essential to talk with your customers to get feedback. By asking their opinion and responding to their thoughts, a company can significantly enhance its brand and strengthen customer loyalty.

What can you do about it?

How can a business collate and use customer feedback to build and protect its brand?

Have a direct line of communication that enables customers to leave questions and comments easily.

An email and postal address displayed prominently on your web site and marketing material is sufficient in the first instance.

Make it easy for customers to communicate their thoughts with you.

Not everybody is on the web, so even if your business doesn’t have a web site, customer feedback routes can be publicised on receipts, invoices, emails and at point of purchase.

Customers appreciate their opinions being taken into account, so actively seek their feedback.

Conduct a survey on existing customers to gauge their opinion of your business or send out an email asking for their feedback rather than waiting for it.

Use positive feedback

When customers give you positive feedback, don’t just sit on it.

React to positive feedback by promoting it on your web site and marketing materials.

Customers are increasingly using social media like Facebook and Twitter to talk about their opinions of firms and services.

There is nothing a business can do to stop this, so monitor social networking sites and engage with your customers.

At the minimum, set up Google Alerts for your company name, key staff names and any product names.

Feedback can be used in a variety of ways, from customer testimonials to developing new products and services.

If your business hasn’t got a web site, consider getting one.

At the least register a company domain name. You need to do this to protect your brand as competitors will be unable to register the name once you own it.

We can help

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